Top 4 Art Capitals of the World
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Top 4 Art Capitals of the World

Various cities worldwide are fighting to take over a coveted position of an art city of the world. With street paintings, art galleries, museums, artists, entertainment, among other creative industries booming in all corners of our world, nations are struggling to get recognition for art. An increasing number of artists, dealers, or museum directors position themselves on a global scale. The world’s art capital is known for being a center for music, dance, museums, or theater. They represent a home of legendary designers and renowned artists. Even though several cities are springing up to compete for this title, this paper focuses only on four of the best art cities known on earth.

Paris, located in France, has established

Paris, located in France, has established itself as a giant art center attracting tourists from all corners of the world. This art city has over one thousand art galleries located in different parts. Outstanding features include art museums such as The Louvre, a habitat of a famous masterpiece, the Mona Lisa. This piece of art was created by legend Italian sculptor Leonardo da Vinci’s and has attracted many tourists with many writing or singing about it. Galerie Daniel Templon is yet another renowned art gallery that you cannot miss visiting Paris for vacation. With the latest La Maison Rouge and Modus Art Galleries, Paris remains unbeatable in art with outstanding street paintings in all corners.

New York City of the United

New York City of the United States of America is on a global scale for churning out legendary artists, besides its fine architectural buildings. This city houses the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Guggenheim Museum, which Frank Lloyd designed in the Manhattan borough. There is enough to keep your eyes glued as you marvel at the work of art by men who dedicated their lives to serve humanity through art. All the five boroughs of New York City, including Chelsea, are centers of art that you cannot miss visiting this city. Brooklyn borough is known for street paintings, besides the latest museums and galleries housing trending talents. Visiting the Queens borough will give you a chance to experience Socrates Sculpture Garden and Queens Museum.

Top 4 Art Capitals of the World

The busiest capital of Japan, Tokyo is fundamentally an art home from an outlook of its tall led-lit flats and ancient temples cropping up all over. Unlike other art cities where art galleries are centralized, Tokyo’s museums are scattered across the town. When visiting the city, your first place to tour for art should be Roppongi, a center for a well-known Mori Art Museum. You will also enjoy paying homage to the National Art Center and small areas such as Ota Fine Arts. An outstanding art center in Taito is SCAI The Bathhouse, which constitutes the latest gallery in a 2 century-old former public bathroom. These works of art represent the selfless desire of man to store history for future generations.

São Paulo municipality in Brazil is springing up as the giant art capital of entire Latin America, attracting tourists from far and large. This humble city is on the map of art capitals because of the São Paulo Biennial, it boasts of an art Biennial that ranks 2nd following Venice in terms of age. However, the Museu de Arte Moderna is also located in this city. Tourists that visit this town can enjoy the latest and trending Brazilian art. São Paulo has impressive garden homes to the thirty best sculptural jobs. In addition, there is a special gallery called Choque Cultural, which showcases artworks from local and upcoming talents. When in Brazil, take time to tour that beautiful city, which offers an opportunity to feed your eyes enjoying cool moments.

The paper describes some known and respected art capital for a long time that people would recommend visiting. But there is an emerging trend that comes with technological advancement where the artwork is displayed online. Cities like Los Angeles in the United States of America are threatening to outcompete the giant New York City in art. The recent tour shows several latest street paintings in addition to the heavy investment in the film and entertainment industry. The US Government has supported the entertainment industry to rise from the Wuhan virus outbreak that disrupted the economy affecting the art industry. Whether these above-mentioned towns remain the art capital of the world to date is a matter of debate that is tough to unravel.