How to create large public art installations
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How to create large public art installations

Putting up a large public art display is a costly affair. The first step in putting up a large public installation is to find the funding. Huge art displays require the input of multiple artists dealing with different elements. Sourcing the labor required becomes costly because you need to hire the labor for a long period of time. Works of art take time to perfect since attention to detail will determine their overall aesthetic appeal. Funding a work of art is different from construction projects since you have to contract the service of artists. Scouting for capable artists is another handle you have to overcome in starting a large public art installation.

After securing funding for your art

After securing funding for your art project, you will require a city permit from local authorities to start work. Since your installation is going to be in public space, permission from relevant authorities has to be sought. With proper paperwork backed with legal representation a permit can be obtained for an art installation in a public space. The chosen art installation has to compliment the landscape and be decent in nature. Obscene art in a public space will result in a cancellation of your permit. Public art galleries have to be decent since kids are in contact with them. Elements of nudity have to be kept in check in preparing a large public art installation.

How to create large public art installations

Public art installations often have a bigger social significance to them. This significance stems from the commissioning behind the piece of art. Seeking commissioning for a huge piece of art display installation requires an artist to theme the project around a prominent social issue. This way you are assured of a person in a leadership position commissioning the project giving it a much-needed social significance. Huge public art installations serve as iconic displays that carry huge cultural significance to the people around where they are found. Commissioning is regarded as the formal opening of your art display to the public and serves as the best opportunity to tell the story behind the piece of art.

The final hurdle in setting up a large public art installation is choosing the perfect location. Art installations of a huge magnitude cannot be set up on a busy street because of the traffic. You need minimal interruptions for your artists to work in a conducive space. The location needs to be fenced off for a period of time, this makes it inconvenient to set up large public art displays in busy city streets. Setting such installation in busy streets limits you to working at night or during holidays and weekends.

In putting up large public installations the weather has to be considered. The weather dictates what form of materials will be used for a project to ensure durability. If the installation is going to be in an open space, the materials used need to be capable of handling the elements. Art installed in the open has to be able to handle harsh weather such as heavy rain and strong wind without breaking. After assembling a team of artists, getting the necessary permission and commissioning, an art project can start.