Developing Cities Through Creativity
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Developing Cities Through Creativity

Art is the beauty of life as it explains numerous emotions, stories, historic and prehistoric events. Before the time of big TV screens, mobile phones, the internet, libraries, galleries or even books, art was used to tell the story of what happened in different centuries. History was handed down from generation to generation through art which makes it a huge part of our existence. Some cultures have survived today because of art, without this creativity it would have gone into extinction. Therefore, the longevity of arts is dependent on the skill of young people who are willing to take up this skill as a career.

Artistry can be taken up as

Artistry can be taken up as a career, developed in the form of drawings and paintings, which tell a unique story about an interval in history. For a city to attract tourists, we need to pay proper attention to culture. The issue that most cities have is their inability to explore the full potential of their culture. This has become a huge challenge for them as this makes them under-developed.

They can put up stage performances

They can put up stage performances in theaters that are based on folktales, legends or myths, things that have happened in the past. These events attract people from far/ wide, sometimes from different nations to come and watch how culture has evolved with time. Millions of humans are interested in what happened before their time. If there is any opportunity to go back in time just to experience these unique legends, they will pay whatever it costs to do it. An interesting fact about tourism is that, these people never leave any culturally innervated city without buying artifacts or ceramic items that are a real feature of that place. They buy these items to remind them of the importance of legends.

Developing Cities Through Creativity

All kinds of art are beautiful, and any city that must explore its full potential, must get actively involved in artistic education of its citizens. Artistic education is in different categories, there are sculptors people who deal on carvings, there are music as a form of art, there are galleries for paintings and cultural centers for artifacts. Citizens who have a keen interest in the artistic development of their nation can be creatively involved either through music or paintings depending on their ability. There are music schools and dance schools to help those who want to know more about the traditional lifestyle of their natives.

The limitations of these developments in certain cities, is brought about by professionals who do not want to work with amateurs to help them develop their individual skills, rather they decide or intend to compete with one another. When this happens, it will be difficult for the city to develop in terms of culture and people will not like to visit a place that bores them or where there is no history.

The best way to show how developed a nation has become, is by organizing festivals once or twice in a year where tourists can come and explore the city. In those festivals, pictures and different kinds of art can be featured, local artists also can try out new things to show how they have evolved. Another way to develop this skill is by sending out most of their art to other regions and other parts of the world so that citizens can know what is going on in their city. This system is what we call collaboration between professionals in the field, and experts in other fields.

Any art galleries can also be set up all around the City just like a museum, to feature the carvings of local and professional artists in that area. The reputation of inner-city is usually associated with how long their culture is and how far they have gone in raising awareness about their creative initiatives. Urban arts is developing because there are hotels where most of those arts/ drawings are put up, individuals often visit those places, so they have the opportunity to view those drawings. But in rural places, it is difficult to find good hotels because of their financial instability, this does not allow them to showcase their creativity. Young active artists can turn their rural cities into urban centers if they creatively involve their vision towards the development of culture/ creativity in their community.