Cities with mind-blowing street art
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Cities with mind-blowing street art

Stockholm offers the greatest collection of graffiti art in its Stockholm Metro station. The train subway found underground offers unrivalled graffiti art with 90 of its 100 stations splashed with colorful graffiti. Walking into its station is a profound experience to visitors who frequent this site to admire the beauty of street art. Artworks displayed in the stations are a compilation of the finest work of close to 150 different artists offering diversity as each artist introduces a new element of style in drawing. Street art is popular in Sweden with the Stockholm Metro station being the biggest collection of the works. A trip to Stockholm is not complete without a trip to the train stations.

The city of Bristol in the

The city of Bristol in the United Kingdom is a favorite destination for graffiti enthusiasts. This city has a rich history in street art since it is the birthplace of Banksy, a world renowned graffiti artist. Bristol has two dedicated streets that serve as a canvas every year with young creative talents competing in street art challenges with a live audience. These annual competitions are popular with young artists looking to cement their reputation as reputable street artists. Drawing inspiration from works of Banksy new talents venture into graffiti art every year as a way of artistic expression.

Cities with mind-blowing street art

A visit to Berlin in Germany is a fulfilling experience to art lovers who travel to see art on what used to be The wall of Berlin. Historically, the wall is from a dark period in history marked by political persecution. To change this, artists ventured into painting on it and spraying graffiti with messages of political change giving it a positive angle. In Berlin, it is popular practice for artists to take to their brushes along the remains of this historic wall. Graffiti on the wall serves as a powerful reminder that even the darkest of times in human history have an end making it a beacon of hope for humanity as a whole.

Hip culture is popular with the youth of Argentina leading to a rise in graffiti displayed by young talents in the city of Buenos Aires. Landscape in the region is covered by colorful splashes of graffiti. Graffiti as a tourist attraction is prominent in the region with the locals organizing paid tours for visitors to enjoy their most attractive murals. A visit to Buenos exposes visitors to the exciting South American culture of natives. Local culture is documented in bold strokes of paint making Buenos a favorite destination with tourists.

In France, you will find phenomenal graffiti in Paris. Besides the refined nature of the French, they are rebellious free thinkers. This cultural element is witnessed in their heavily political graffiti art. The political statements tied to graffiti art in Paris sets the painting in Paris as thought-provoking pieces of art. Coupled with these political graffiti are some playful pieces that are not as symbolic but are still iconic to look at. The freedom of expression that is popular with the French means their graffiti is more intriguing in nature.