Best City For Traditional Japanese Visual Art
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Best City For Traditional Japanese Visual Art

The world is composed of different people from various cultures and ethnicities. Sometimes, these cultures could be alike, especially when different communities share a border, but most cultures have their differences. It is such differences that make the world a beautiful place, where we get to learn and appreciate how particular people do their tasks. These variations make it interesting to know what other parties are all about and maybe learn a thing or two from them that may help us in the future. Such are the reasons why intercultural marriage is an aspect that is being accepted by people of today’s society, unlike long ago when you could never speak of such actions or even think about them.

As time progresses, man will always evolve or change to try adapting to the current living situations. This is mainly aided by the advancement of technology, which is meant to make our lives easier. Along the way, certain cultural beliefs and aspects are dropped, either knowingly or they fade away with time. Those that are still relevant to today’s standard of living are preserved until a specific time when it won’t be necessary to practice them. Such are the practices that still bring together individuals of a certain community, where they share certain things in common.

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Culture is not only passed down in the form of social practices, where if not done, it would be hard to place certain individuals in a particular community, but arts can be used to distinguish communities as well. Visual arts are a form of expression used by people to convey certain messages by sight. They can be conveyed in the form of paintings, sculptures, even literature, and music. Different communities express their visual arts differently, making it easy to place a particular art piece to a specific tribe.

When visiting a different community, the first thing you would look for is their artistic expression and what they could mean. You’d want to see the sculptures and paintings, since they are easier to interpret, after which you may now comfortably see their literature, skits with dances having some background information. Such art forms act as a source of income for the locals and a source of entertainment for the tourists.

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The evolution of man has caused many aspects of traditions to be dropped, but some communities or nations are fighting to keep these cultural practices alive. Such an example would include Japan, a country found in the Middle-East. Most countries there have high value for tradition and still practice some of their rituals to date. Countries like Japan make it intentional to pass down their heritage from one generation to the next, preserving it for a long time. This is mainly done by preserving the different forms of visual arts. Thanks to their preservative nature, these arts can not only be shared by the locals but also interested parties globally.

For anyone who would like to go to Japan and have an experience of their tradition, then Tokyo would be the place to visit. As much as it is known for its technological advancement and is one of the leading cities in modernization, it is still rich in culture, which can easily be seen around. There are particular areas within Tokyo where you can experience Japanese culture, despite all the modernization around.

Best City For Traditional Japanese Visual Art

Nezu museum contains samples of the richest forms of Japanese art in Tokyo. It was initially home to Nozu, who passed on, after which his son decided to turn the home into a public museum where everyone benefits. He’d generate money from the visits by tourists, while the tourists benefited by learning about this culture in the form of paintings, ceramics, calligraphy.

Noh is another form of Japanese culture that stands out from other types of art. It mainly involves dancing, music, and skits, performed when wearing special garments, with special meanings. At times, this attire has masks included, making it difficult to breathe through with all the dancing and the movement. However, with practice with determination, the people of Japan are set to spread their ways to the larger population. The performances are organized by the Japan Art Council and can be viewed at the National Noh Theatre every so often.